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Fishin' tips
Fishin' tips
Tips from the seasoned pros, for the new or experienced fishermen.  Please feel free to send in your fishin' tips and if we use your tip we'll give you full credit for it :)

 1-20-01  Always try to have your gear ready to go the night before that way you can hit the fishin' even earlier.
                When fishing light line remember to fight the fish longer that way there's less of a chance to break your line.

 1-14-01  When you start to head off to fish don't forget your bait. (Mike's tip)

 1-13-01 Never cast into the wind especially when there is a tree next to you. (Mike's tip)

 1-12-01  Support catch and release this will help insure future generations (like Al) will be able to enjoy fishing tomorrow.

 1-11-01  When ice fishing don't forget your auger! This has happened read about some poor guys who forgot about the auger here.

 1-10-01   When fishing on the bank beware of where you shadow falls since a misplaced shadow can spoil a good day of fishing.

 1-09-01 Always use the best hook for the job.  When ice/pan fishing use a smaller barely visible hook for the best results.  When bass fishing go for a medium size hook, and when going for cats bigger stronger hooks is defiantly advised.

Other tips

Don't spit into the wind.

Even though music is nice to have on periods of slow fishing it will scare the fish away (especially if its one of the new boy bands yuck)

When you're trying out a new area to fish use the fan casting technique it helps cover a lot of area in a short time.  The technique is simple, cast at a 90 deg. angle from where you're facing and work your way around till your facing the other side of the bank/boat.

Don't throw empty beer/soda cans into the water its bad for the environment and the fish, throw them in the weeds...I mean trash can :P