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Jason N Jake's Home page

Hidey Ho All,

  If you're new to the site don't feel bad you can catch up on all the tom foolery that goes along with JNJ on our new updated site.  If you are a frequent visitor you'll notice that there are quite a few new changes to the site.
OK on with the show...

   The site is dedicated to the sports and hobbies the brother's as well as many friends enjoy be it the exciting sport of fishing, the rush of video games, or the poor man's sport yard golf.  We are always up for suggestions on how to improve the site or any oddball comments you'd like to make just email us at .  

  What you'll find on this site:
Information on fishing, video games, our TV show, our new and exciting game, yard golf, and various other stupid stuff that we think up.

Please click on at least one sponser just to know that somebody cares enough to visit the very best :)

A note about our sponsers:  We've checked out each and every one of our sponsers looking for only the best.  Our criteria includes price, avaliablility, ease of surfing, products avaliable, and a few that we can't talk about on an easily accesable site ;P