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Video Games

    Ahh video games the year round sport for joypad jockeys everywhere.  First thing you may notice is the fact that we only cover pc and dreamcast games, there is a reason why.  First and foremost reason for this is the fact that everybody that is featured on the site has a pc and a dreamcast. Second it is the shared opinion that playstation is on its way out due to newer technology, PS2 is a joke, N64 doesn't have enough games coming out to make it worthwile and X-Box isn't out yet.  Like everything else this is subject to change at any time depending on if anybody sends us a PS2 or an X-box when it comes out.


High 5 This game is a true work of art it should be picked up by anybody with a heartbeat.

Thumbs Up  A good game that has a lot going for it but may have a few flaws.

Ehhhh  A game that you can play and not hate it but you may not recommend it to your friends.  Fans of the genre should check it out.

Thumbs down  A game that has more problems than good points.  This is the kind of game that after you play it for an hour you realize you could have done something more enjoyable like trimming your nose hairs.

The Finger  Should be avoided like the plague.  The game does nothing right other than to get you mad at it.  Don't say we didn't warn you.

My 2 cents on video game violence

  OK I'm no senator or even a shrink but I am a game player and I do have an opionion on game violence.  Before you pass me off as just another 13 year old fighting for the right to buy Soldier of Fortune or other M rated games let me tell you about me.  I'm 24 years old and have been in college for 2 years now so I'm not an idiot (don't let the site fool ya) ok enough about me.
    I've played video games ever since the Atari 2600 came out and I've played just about every system in between.  I've played Doom, Quake, Unreal, Night Trap (don't ask), Soldier of Fortune and other violent video games but guess what never have I wanted to go out and kill anybody not once.  Everybody I know is mental stable enough to realize that a game is just a game.  Video games is an easy scapegoat since most of the public sees video games a child play things that no self respecting adult would ever bother with.  It helps build senator's and other polotitions seats in government by finding an easy way out and passing the blame from the parents thus making the parents look like saints.  One problem with passing the buck though, it'll come back and bite you where the sun don't shine.
   There have been court cases where kids actualy tried to blame the game industry  for warping their fragile little minds.  First it was D&D then Heavy metal now video games is getting the bad rap.  Did the kid ever listen to country music if so lets blame the music and realy shake things up.  But seriously I'm a parent and I think parents should be responiable for their kid's actions after all isn't a parent suppost to "raise" a child?  If my kid ever goes out and goes on a shooting spree I'll have nobody to blame but me since I'm the one that inspired my child's moral values and not some game.  If my child learns violence from a video game I think I need to spend more time with my kids and put down that last rum and coke.
     So am I saying kids should be able to play whatever game they want? No I'm not that is why there are ratings on games now.  A responiable parent should look at what the game has in it and decide wheather or not the child should be able to play it or not.  Please be responsiable for you children and don't take away my more mature games just because your kid can't tell reality from a game.  I leave my podium now with one last seniment "censorship sucks be weary of the man who tells you what to do."