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Yard Golf
   A great sport that's cheap to play and easy to learn.  Best part of the game is there are very few requirements to play and can be played almost any time of the year (we don't advise playing when its lightning outside).  We (Jason, Jake, Ronnie and Mike) created yard golf when we realized that although we love playing regular golf, we couldn't afford to go every weekend.  So we took the simple art of chipping and based an entire sport around it.


  Yard golf needs very little equipment and you can start playing yard golf for around $5.  What you need is:
1 iron for each player (6-SW works the best)
1 foam or plastic ball per player (real ones can realy do some damage)
1 hell of an imagination
A decent size yard or a few smaller ones.  (we play in a small trailer park so no excuses)
A type of hole or something that will work as a goal (we use an old cement chunk that has a broomstick stuck in it)
beer and cigars to make you feel like a pro (optianal)

My advice is to head to rummage sales and buy a cheap set since you can usualy find a complete set for around $20.  Just keep the drivers and other equipment in the bag for real golfing outings.

Basic Rules

   Rules are simple since you can make them up as you go along.  Our basic rules are as follows:
Everybody takes turns none of that "still your turn" as in golf.
Players each have an individualy marked golf ball (pics are nice but numbers work too)
If a player hits another players ball with their ball the player who's ball got hit has to start over from the begining of the hole.
The first hole is alway a simple straight forward shot, winner of that hole gets to make a more difficult hole after the easy one.
Balls are played where they land no matter how difficult the lay.  However if there is any danger of ruining somebodys flowers, windows, or any other life threating circumstance a free drop is allowed.
There are no mulligans in yard golf no matter how bad the shot.

A basic round of yard golf

  The first hole should be decided by all players and for each game of yard golf played that remains the first hole.  Figure out what order everybody will shoot.  After the order is determined everybody tee's off.  Keeping in order everybody tries to get to the hole taking turns shooting.  Once a player reaches the hole everybody that shoots after him/her has a shot at tieing.  In case of a tie the game goes into a game of sudden death.  Sudden death is played by creating a straight shot hole about 10 feet from the hole and is played just like a regular hole.
  Once a hole is won the winner gets to make up the next hole.  S/he can make up any rules or regulation as s/he sees fit.  Some oddball rules include:
Cannot hit a certain obstical.
Must hit a certain obstical.
Cannot land in a certain area (road, grassy area, neighbors car).
Must pass a landmark.

Feel free to make up your own rules that's part of the fun of yard golf it never plays the same twice.
    After a set time limit or hole limit golfers add up the scores and the one with the most holes wins.

Now that you know the rules get outside and give it a shot its a lot of fun the more people the merrier :)