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Al's Top 10
please note that Al's to little to talk yet so here's my translation.

10  Fishing is something I can do from the time I'm really little till the time I'm old and back in diapers.

  9  When I'm fishing I get to hear all kinds of new words especially when daddy loses a fish.

  8  Fishing helps teach me patients and helps me learn to pay attention.

  7 The water and trees are pretty and lets me think about things to dream about.

  6 If the fish aren't biting I can go for a quick long as mommy don't see me :P

  5 When I'm out fishing my troubles just seem to fade away.

  4  Tying on lures and putting worms on the hook teaches me coordination.

  3 The fishies are so fun to play with.

  2  Getting outdoors lets me get fresh air and some sunshine and that's good for me.

  1 Daddy goes fishin' so if I go then I get to spend quality time with daddy :)