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Typical Day
Here's how a typical day goes when fishin' is on the line.

     5:00 The alarm goes off, blurry eyed I smash the damned thing a few times before I finally hit the snooze button.  I lay there dreading to go to work.  Then I realize it's not work I'm going to today is a fishin' day.  I jump out of bed ready to go, I sit right back down due to the fact I just got a massive head rush.  After I clear my senses I start to scramble to find my gear.  Ronnie's already knocking at my door, Mike's on the phone asking if I'm ready yet, Jake well Jake is still asleep so I don't worry too much there.  Heather is out cold snoring, Al begins to rustle knowing where daddy is going and he wishes he was big enough to go.  I reassure him "Soon my son very soon."  I tell Mike I'll be ready shortly and then I tell him I have to go, one down one to go.  I look at Ronnie and ask him if he remembered everything he argues that he's ready then I remind him of the time we went ice fishing and he forgot the auger.  Ronnie scurries next door to find out if in fact he has forgot something.  Finally I'm alone and can begin my gear getting ritual of trying to find everything without waking Heather.  After awhile everything is ready and in the vehicle of choice "The Blues mobile"

  5:30  Finally I'm on the way to pick up Jake and meet Mike.  I start grumbling about how much sleep I've missed due to the web site

  5:45  I arrive at Jake's house, knock on the door for 5 min. before finally letting myself in.  I knock on Jake's bedroom door for around 6 min. Once I hear Jake groaning he's awake I barge in and make as much noise as I can to get his hung over butt out of bed.  Jake dully looks around cusses his alarm didn't go off, pulls out a smoke and tries to wake up.  Jake starts to complain about how he'd been up all night trying to get his stuff ready, though it still isn't ready.

  6:00  Jake finally awake, asks if I brought his pole, I reassure him I did and he grabs his tackle box and we're off.

  6:15  At least one member of our fishin' group has forgotten something and we have to go back for it.  If its Mike he's forgotten his beer.  If its Jake he's forgotten his bait or tackle.  If its Ronnie...well it could be anything.  If by some oddball chance its me I forgot the damn camera which we'll need to start the show.

  6:30  After constant badgering, whoever had forgotten something agrees to buy the beer for the trip.  Finally we head to the fishin' hole.

  7:00  We arrive, we argue about who's going to run the camera for our opening shots till we finally agree that the log does a great job at keeping the camera still.  While trying to get the camera in just the right spot everybody ends up doing something else.

  7:15  We do our opening shot do the "bring 'em on in" ritual for the show.  Then we start to wonder where in the world we want to fish first.

  7:30  My alarm goes off and I realize that I have to do all the stuff I just dreamed about all over again.