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Why we don't have a boat
   One of the most asked questions for the show is why we don't have a boat on the show.  First off we're pros we can fish with or without the boat. Second we realize that not all fishermen have a boat thus being so we figure there is enough shows featuring a boat so why not cater to those whom don't have a boat and still need good quality fishing entertainment.  Third, a boat is for people who need to search everywhere to find the fish at Jason and Jake's Good Fishin'  we don't need to look for fish we make the fish come to our superior technique.  Finally to tell the truth we can't afford one we have crummy jobs that pay squat and until we sell around 1 million videos we won't be able to buy one :(  But if you'd like to send us one or the money to buy our own we'd be happy to send ya a video of our first season and would be happy to send you all following seasons once they get filmed.
     That said I'll recount the experience we had when we did try to fish out of a small John boat.  Let me mention that I am 220lbs and Jake is around 200 and this boat was small.  To prepare for the boating experience we each had about six beers so we could get our senses sharpened to the point of perfection.  Then we called up our Uncle John and asked if we could use his John boat, he agreed that it would be good for the show so he said that it'd be no problem.  Once we had our gear packed we headed out to the pond and did our ritual before beginning.  Putting the boat in the water was an easy task but once I started to get in I realized that this would be no easy trip.  The boat began to sway from one side to the next water coming closer and closer to spilling into the boat.  After a careful balancing act I was able to get to the front of the boat and tell Jake to follow my lead.
     Once we were finally settled we tried to move the boat with 2 different sized oars.  This led to mass confusion and we cruised the entire pond going sideways or backward.  We were only able to get about two casts off each before landing on the bank or almost tipping over.  Getting disgusted we decided that bank fishing was the way to go and promptly landed the boat and  began bank fishing doing much better than we were before.

Moral of the story:  If you can fish successfully from the bank don't worry about trying to keep in with the in crowd and get a boat :)

By the way this was all filmed during our first season please click here to buy the video