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Blair Fish
Very few legends are as feared as the great Blair Fish.  The fish's species is still unknown due to the fact very few have lived to see it and the ones who have are not the same as before.  Signs of the Blair Fish are everywhere, from the lost poles found on shore to the tangled line often snagged from fishermen trying to find the beast.  The fish exact location is unknown since some say it can travel from one body of water to another.  Those encountering the Blair fish should run and run fast since the creature has never been know to allow its victims to live for very long.
     Jason and Jake decided to try and tame the beast last March.  It was an experience that they would never forget.  At first the heroes didn't buy into the myth of the Blair Fish, believing it only to be a hoax and nothing more.  However once they hit the site last know for a Blair Fish spotting it didn't take them long before they realized that this was no hoax.  Finding several deserted fishing poles and lots of tangled and frayed lines.  Jason actually was able to fight the Blair Fish momentarily before the Blair Fish bit his bobber into 2 pieces and breaking his line.  Unfortunately while filming the beloved cameraman Bob was brutally attacked and eaten by the Blair Fish.  Jake was also attacked but was able to get away thanks to Bob's valiant effort to save the star.  Jake suffered only minor injures and is still kicking and hunting for the beast.... To see the encounters please check out our Video section to see the full story.

The hunt continues........