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Great Gonzo
     The world's largest catfish or so it is said.  Jason and Jake have been able to track it down to their uncle John's Pond and currently have the lake contained so that the fish cannot escape.  There have been several encounters with the Great Gonzo each more frustrating than the last.  Heather had hooked into it once and it stripped the gears out of her reel before snapping the line.  Jake has also lost the beast in a similar fashion.  Jason, serious about taking the creature out has lost a rod and reel by leaving it unattended for no more than 5 min.  Seeking revenge he went out with a new rod and reel with 50lbs. test line only to fight the fish for 10 min. then having a broken line.  We hope that one of us can catch the mythological fish if for no other reason than to prove we're not crazy.
On the prowl.