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About Us
   Ever wonder just who in the world would run a web site so bizzare?  Well you've come to the right place.  Just click on one of the names to the left to  find out all about our favorite people and some of our not so favorite :P  By the way everybody that appears in the photos have been on the Jason and Jake's Good fishin' show at least once.

Oh you want more general information huh ok here goes.

   Jason and Jake are professional amatureur fishermen who have an untelevised TV show.  Everybody who appears on the show other than Jason and Jake are considered guest wanna be stars.  But seriously, JNJGF (Jason & Jake's Good Fishin') is an amatureur fishing show that isn't on TV but we sure try like we are :)  We started filming our fishing trips around a year ago and we try to do it in a TV show format just to keep things interesting.  If you would be interested in being on the show or have a place we should try to go fishing at please drop us a line.

  Yard Golf was origionated by us poor white boys who can't afford to go golfing every weekend like some.  So we finalized a lot of different rules and finaly are ready to share this information with the world

  Video Games ahh the sport of a true couch potato.  Hey they're fun, keep kids out of trouble (except for the mentaly unstable kids who like to blame video games other than their parents) and lets face it games are a great way of socializing.

  JNJ Goodies are basicly stuff we want to offer to you so that you can get to know us better :)

  Finaly the web site, origionaly it was just a plain old fishing site but we soon found out that there was so much more that we needed on our site that the origional had to go.