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Grandia 2  High 5 A RPGer's dream come true.  The game has excellent graphics and the game play to back it up.  What impressed me the most about this game though was the battle system.  Unlike most RPG's where you simply click attack after the monster attacks you here you have a variety of moves available to you.  You have the basic attack (quick and painful) a cancel attack (monster won't get to attack for awhile) various special moves and the old standby magic.  When you get into a battle you feel like its a cross between a role playing game and a strategy game.  All I can say is if you are a role playing game fan check this one out.

Phantasy Star Online  High 5  This is the real reason the site hasn't been updated since the begining of time.  You pick from 9 different characters pick your unique style and off you go into a world that will suck your life away.  For an action/RPG game the graphics are top notch slowdown rarely occurs unless you have a slow internet connection.  The characters are varried enough to support most playing styles but a little more customisation on the stats would have been nice.  Playing offline is a great way to build up levels and money but the real fun comes from being online.  Hooking up with up to four people can be a true blast not availiable to console owners until now.  The way I understand it there is certain items that can only be found online and ones that can only be found offline making the game fun to play alone or with others.  If you have the game look us up Jason is known as P.D. Pain, Jake is Foo (try not to laugh) and mike is EZ Money MM.  If you say you read about us on the website we'll throw in some items or money just for saying you liked the site :)