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PC Games
Trophy Bass 4  High 5
   The classic trophy bass game by sierra returns and this time better than ever.  Veterans to the game will be able to pick up on the easy controls and newbies will have it in no time flat.  The graphics are better than any fishing game out on the market today and with 3D excelleration the graphics are even better.  The single player game is fun but its the online aspect of the game that really shines.  Every time I log on to play TB 4 I've been invited to play a tournament without having to wait longer than 5 min.  If chatting is your thing feel free to sit in the lobbies and talk about the game and fishing in general (feel free to mention this site ;)  Everybody I've played with online has been real friendly and helpful especially to a newbie like me ... you won't find this on any of your FPS that's for sure.  So give the game a shot it's a lot of fun and with internet play it defiantly increases replayablity.

American McGee's Alice  Thumbs Up

   A true work of art as far as visuals go.  This game has some of the most surreal backgrounds you'll find anywhere.  The baddies are also some of the coolest looking creatures you'll find in any game.  The game play is easy to get used to and flows smoothly along through the games levels.  Usually annoying jumping puzzles have been made a lot easier thanks to the icon showing where you'll land once you jump.  The game's challenge is handled well throughout the levels the first few levels are basically letting you get a feel for the controls but by the end of the game you'll need to have mastered all your skills to survive.  Now let's not forget story line, the story is excellent for anybody who has either seen the movie or read the book Old friends and enemies show up to help or terrorize you (The Chester Cat is defiantly the coolest).  The story tells why you're in wonderland and why everything is so messed up and of course why it's up to you to set things right.So why does Alice only get thumps up?  Well sad to say but the game is a tad on the short side  around 20hrs for an average gamer and the ending seems rather abrupt.  Other than the few flaws defiantly work a look.